"Celestial mechanics" – is an interplay of two buildings and a plastic dialog of a loving couple, fusion of choreography and dramatic art, graphics and light - all to erase boundaries between the two facades. Passion to breakup, entire happiness to aggression, romantic love to loneliness - all basic human emotions are melted together in this quite a simple story.
Eventually it all turns into keen reflection on human nature. The story develops on the two facades that convey
emotions of a loving couple and metaphorically experience these feelings together with the protagonists.

That was the first time we faced such unusual setup. 2 buildings at 90 degrees to each other.
Projection resolution on Bolshoi Theatre is 5146*3108 px, and 6500*1200 px on Mali Theatre.
While looking for solutions we studied a lot of mapping projects
but could not find anything similar, so we invented our own system.
It was critical to hold the audience's attention during shifting from one wall to another.
Partially we sold this problem with the use of lasers maintaining the graphics during transitions between stages.

In the scene of loneliness the female character stays tete-a-tete with her thoughts, completely absorbed in them. To make her reflections more obvious we decided to literally submerge her in water and shoot this scene in a swimming pool.

To create energy trails after the characters in the final scene
we used the motion capture technology.